With 10+ years of professional experience within the fashion retail and media industries, Nia Groce has a knack for producing thoughtful, meaningful and high-quality content across several platforms, including digital, social and print media.

After graduating from Howard University with a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising, she spent three years learning the business side of fashion as as a global merchant at Gap, Inc. before deciding to pursue her editorial passion. This led her to shift into freelance writing, where she penned pieces for outlets such as V Magazine and Capsule tradeshow, as well as served as US Editor for the London-based trade book WeAr Magazine. During this time, Nia also honed in on her photography background, contributing travel images to SUITCASE and Lonely Planet magazines, as well as fashion week content to WWD’s social media channels.

Eventually, she landed at Footwear News where she held roles including editorial assistant and fashion assistant, producing stories big and small and collaborating on various editorial shoots. Some highlights include her cover story on designer Aurora James and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker on all things fashion and human rights, her cover on Pyer Moss’ Kerby Jean-Raymond about his culturally-centric work, and assisting with the styling of influential individuals such as J Balvin and Bella Hadid.   

Currently, Nia is a Sr. Copywriter at Aerie full-time, and continues to cover fashion, travel, design and other lifestyle topics as a freelancer based in New York. 


EMAIL: Groce.niaa@gmail.com